broadband trouble

  armourer576 16:29 19 Jul 03

Ihave 2 computers:a laptop and a desk top.
I got broadband from AOL and it works ok on my laptop but on the desktop i have problems. My desk top is a Mesh 1 GHz machine running windows Me. When I log onto aol with the desk top the modem (BT voyager 100)shuts off after logging on. I spoke to AOL and they said it was the usb couldn't cope with the power drain however when i went on to the BT website the computer is well within the specifications laid down. Please help. the motherboard is an ASUS A7V-E.

  hugh-265156 16:39 19 Jul 03

do you have the option of using a network card instead of usb?

  hugh-265156 16:44 19 Jul 03

ok i see you dont have that option.

voyager 100 support

click here

  hugh-265156 16:47 19 Jul 03

what about a powered hub.guessing that may help.

  BillEmm 18:00 19 Jul 03

As huggyg71 advises: try a self powered hub - make sure its one that is tolerant of over-current demanding modems. If it is a power problem then AOL Tech Support will have got it right for the first time in their lives, but if they really suspected this to be the problem they would have recommended the hub!

A couple of other points:

1.'being within spec' does not mean 'being within capability'. It all depends on the condition of your PC, what you have already got connected to it and what spare capacity their is left in your PSU - particularly on the 5 volts side.

2. If I wanted to go to Broadband I would not start from WinME!

Can you please explain what you mean by the modem shutting off. Power light goes off? or what?

You are able to sign on to AOL but then it fails. Yes?

The modem must be OK as you can connect via the Laptop so the problem is very much related to your desktop PC. Are you using WinME on both machines?

If I read the specs for your motherboard right then you are somewhat short in USB support. There is only one controller and one internal hub supporting four ports. This is very limited indeed and if you have several USB devices connected it may be necessary for you to install additional USB support via a PCI adapter card.
I can make recommendations if you wish.

Install this VIA USB Filter Patch:

click here

and install these VIA Hyperion 4in1 drivers:

click here

That should do for starters.


  graham√ 18:12 19 Jul 03

If you have other items, printer, mouse, etc. plugged into USBs, try removing some before logging on. This will show if it's a power problem or not.

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