Broadband speeds?

  graham 21:26 08 Feb 03

A question that is often asked by potential broadband conscripts is the speed of various ISP's. Don't know about cable or sattelite, but as I understand it, if you get it down a BT landline then it is the BT exchange that is your first port of call (portal, ged it!). Does what happens after that affect the speed?

  graham 21:27 08 Feb 03

oops, satellite

  Nellie2 21:37 08 Feb 03

Must admit to being a bit of a technical dunce but this site might provide a bit of info for you.
click here

  guitar town 17:16 02 May 03

my problem is i'm not recieving full broadband speed even though broadband speed in tray (green arrows) states upstream/downstream rate bps:288/576 respectifly, i was told by AOL that my USB connection is v1.0 and i need v2.0, i bought v2.0 card but when i put it in the pci slot my pc won't boot up and only a black screen appears. can anyone help to setup this USB v2.0 card and let me know of any problems i may encounter? thanks!! :)

  graham√ 18:11 02 May 03

Gosh, I don't even remember posting this thread! The speeds you are quoting are not the actual speeds you are getting, they are from the program.

You should start your own subject to get help on USB, nobody reads the rubbish I write!

  watchful 18:30 02 May 03

I do because it's usually funny.

PS. You've developed a tick since then!

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