Broadband speeds

  geek84 02 Mar 11

Hi Folks

As some of you may be aware, this morning in Breakfast News, they were discussing about broadband speeds, and the fact that consumers don't usually get the speed which is advertised.

I am with Virgin Media, who are supposed to be one of the faster ones, but my internet connection still seems to be slow.

How can I determine the speed that I am on?

I don't remember the speed that they advertised at the time that I joined Virgin, but if the speed seems to be slow, can I complain to Virgin?

Thanks in advance.

  johndrew 02 Mar 11

You could take the PCA Speed check click here. Remember this will show your current speed; to get a meaningful average you should do it at different times throughout the day.

  wiz-king 02 Mar 11

Are you on cable or via phone line? Virgin are very good if you are on cable but the over the phone line service tends to be similar to the others.

  mole44 03 Mar 11

look on your bill to the tier your on,apart from the odd glitch and flakey time i`d recomend Virgin to anyone for their broadband.

  lotvic 03 Mar 11

If you are on ADSL (copper telephone line)
Bear in mind that Connection Speed is a different figure to Download/Upload Speed which is about 25% lower, and can dive even lower in 'busy peak' times even though your Connection Speed stays the same.

Connection Speed = what your router is connected at to the ISP / what your line can support.

  Terry Brown 04 Mar 11

For reliability of speed you cannot beat Virgin.

I have a 10 mbit it line and at peak times this normally gives between 4 & 6 mbits and at night (quiet times) I normally get 8 to 9 mbits.

Do you have multiple computers running off the same router?

If so, try connecting direct from the Virgin modem to your computer and re-test.



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