Broadband Speed Testing

  Legslip 15:33 PM 26 Apr 12

I get calls from pals regarding slow Bband speeds. In some cases it seems their own internal wiring (bell wire?) is causing the problem. If I get hold of a second hand router and attach a netbook to the output and a fly-lead to the input, will I be able to measure the speeds at say BT's external J.Box on the wall? Will I have to keep going into the router setup and change the username/password details every time?

  Batch 17:08 PM 26 Apr 12

If you mean will you have to change the username and password for the Broadband login for each of your pals - yes, of course you will as you will need to connect to their broadband service.

You will also need to have a micro filter on the main junc. box to connect the router to and make sure that any other router is disconnected first.

As for the bell wire (wire 3) I don't know how familiar you are with this, but it is quite feasible to disconnect this entirely (as long as all of the equipment connected is modern and up to spec). Just google for "disconnecting bell wire on bt socket"

  northumbria61 23:04 PM 26 Apr 12

Removing ring wire (and more) enter link description here


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