Broadband speed test - very slow speeds

  Halmer 17:15 11 Aug 08

Can someone advise me what I do now please. I subscribe to Pipex's 8mb service but both my PCs (one wireless one attached) seem to be getting slower and slower on the net.

I ran a couple of tests today and the approximate results are:-

Download speed 0.5mb
Upload speed 0.3mb

which is obviously nowhere near what I am paying for. I've followed the advice on BTs site and changed filters etc but it's still measuring low.

What do I do next please?

  PO79 17:17 11 Aug 08

Getting the same on Tiscali. It's probably contention ratio as it's the school holiday period.

  Halmer 17:22 11 Aug 08

pesky kids.

Thanks PO79.

  rawprawn 17:33 11 Aug 08

I had great difficulty with Tiscali, and moved to BT. Since then I have been getting great connection speeds. I am on up to 8 meg, look at my resultant speed test.
[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]
I think it is something to do with BT choking other ISP's. Having said that Tiscali were useless, and offered me a big discount not to change they then increased my speed back to where it should have been.
I felt they were cheating me and so I moved anyway.

  rawprawn 17:35 11 Aug 08

PS. look at the second click here for the speeds. I guess that they give you this link to advertise their site.

  Salut 20:53 11 Aug 08

i too have been struggling with speeds of late, but then I am with Orange!!

Bt test informs me I can get up to 2mbps on the line, but Orange in their infinite wisdom seem only able to deliver .6mbps.

School holidays have certainly affected access, I am involved in frequent struggles just to get the kids off the machine. I have even brought bed time forward an hour! Desperate times need desperate measures...

I feel a trip to granny for a week or two will sort out that problem.

  RobCharles1981 21:03 11 Aug 08


Can you show us your line stats from your Router please?

Go click here to find them.

BT and Orange aload of Rubbish!! Look at my speedtest! With Entanet!

click here

  Halmer 21:10 11 Aug 08

Can't get that to work. When I enter the telnet bit in the run box I get an error message.

  Halmer 21:13 11 Aug 08

windows cannot find telnet...........

I assume that I should be typing it in the Start.Accessories/Run box?

I get to the 'Debug Enable' message.

  Halmer 21:17 11 Aug 08

and scored 833

  RobCharles1981 21:34 11 Aug 08


Can't get that to work. When I enter the telnet bit in the run box I get an error message.


What is the make of your router/modem???

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