Broadband Speed Query

  Whammo 11:51 05 Mar 04

I subscribe to (256 Kbps - half speed) broadband internet access and use a Sagem Fast 800 ADSL modem to access the web.

Whenever I am logged-on the internet connection status indicator shows a connection speed of 2,360 Kbps although the actual speed does not seem much faster than ordinary dial up.

Does this mean that my phone line has been enabled at the higher speed even though my broadband modem is only a 256 Kbps model?

If so should I rush out and buy a faster ADSL modem to take advantage of my service provider's error?

Any suggestions?

  Mike D 12:18 05 Mar 04

I've just got the 256Kbps version with same modem and my speed shown as 585Kbps. Download speeds in the region of 30 -36 Kbs seem to bear this out.

I'm staying quiet in the hope that they don't notice me.


  JIM 12:22 05 Mar 04

for to run at the 256 Kbps = half speed broadband internet access. If that can be achieved.Do not think a different modem would achieve anything in your case.But would ask for a line check if your having Inconsistent results.

In use the modem is as fast as any other.(normal full broadband) Quick to sync and connect.

Speed Test shows:
Downstream 478 Kbps (59.8 KB/sec) 516 Kbps (inc. overheads)

Upstream 246 Kbps (30.8 KB/sec) 265 Kbps (inc. overheads)

  Edstow 12:33 05 Mar 04

Do a live speed test click here

The speed on the status monitor is a waste of time.


  paddyjack 12:38 05 Mar 04

Try this speed test click here

  Dipso 13:10 05 Mar 04

Mike D

Re- your download speeds in the region of 30 -36 Kbs. That is correct for your connection. If you had full 512 ADSL you could expect twice that as JIM has quoted

Downstream 478 Kbps (59.8 KB/sec)

Are you referring to the connection speed, shown when you hover over the 2 tellies in the systray, as this can be completely different to the actual download speed. I have heard of people with a connection speed comparable to 512 but the provider throttles to 256 or whatever.

  valex008 15:41 05 Mar 04

i am at full speed have the same modem sagem ([email protected] 800 e2l pe) you have a full speed modem !!!!!!

  Gemma 15:48 05 Mar 04

Note that nearly all ADSL modems are good for 2Mbps at least.

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