Broadband speed claims

  Michael Kelly 20:22 10 Jan 07


My broadband claims download speeds of up to 8mb/s, however when I conducted a test at click here my speeds hit just 1960kbit/s.

Never has it even ever hit 1960kbit/s during any download. It rarely even gets 300kbit/s. It also seems the larger the file to download, the slower the download speed. For example, I tried to download a demo of Eragon and got speeds of just 10kbits/s.

If anybody could inform me of how to speed my downloads up that would be great.


  Technotiger 20:38 10 Jan 07

Hi, I use Download Accelerator Plus which definately speeds up all my downloads.

click here

  ArrGee 21:00 10 Jan 07

I used the normal windows download manager for downloading Acrobat Reader: Time 7:61 seconds

On a whim, decided to try doing the same through the Download Accelerator as suggested by Technotiger: Time 2.56 seconds

Cheers for that!

  oldbeefer2 21:03 10 Jan 07

'up to 8mbs' depends on all sorts of factors, contention, line condition, extension cables. It will rarely hit 8, and, at times, can be down to close to zero! It's the way rate adaptive technology works - ask Dipso!

  Dipso 21:28 10 Jan 07

Could be a number of reasons as oldbeefer2 says, To give us an idea of what you should be getting, do you connect with a router or a modem, is it listed click here can you post your line stats.

  Michael Kelly 23:16 10 Jan 07

Thanks for your replies. Yeah, it's a speedtouch (through usb 1.1), but we're soon to be getting a router (through ethernet). Do you think this will increase speeds?

Thanks again,

  Ho-Lin-Sok 23:26 10 Jan 07

What are your Rwin and mtu settings, check with Dr TCPclick here

  Michael Kelly 01:37 11 Jan 07

I believe about 65000 for Rwin and 1500 mtu

  Michael Kelly 01:48 11 Jan 07

I just don't understand why download speeds drop when I attempt to download something large. This isn't just a small drop - would be at 240kbit/s for a small download and then down to 10kbit/s for a large download.

However, when I download things from Xbox 360 live, speeds are constant regardless of file size. I can download a 470mb file in around 40 minutes under this.

Is there any way I can force it to run constantly fast on my computer, rather than slow down when I download something large?


  Ho-Lin-Sok 02:09 11 Jan 07

You may need to sort out the mtu and rwin. Using the tester from Dr TCP link mine are now Rwin 122000 and mtu 1400.On pinging no packets fragmented @ 1372 plus28.

  woofwoofbark 04:11 11 Jan 07

click here run the tweak test then fill in the

Service: ( dsl for me )
Download Speed kbit/s: ( 8128 for me )
Operating System: ( winXP for me )
Connection: ( pppoA for me )

it then shows you your stats and recommends what settings you can use , if your stuck you can copy the url and log into thier forum and ask for advice , i did and get consistant speeds on dowsnloads and speed tests.



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