Broadband speed check

  G0lfer 10:17 21 Nov 05

Hi - I see that there is a lot of correspondence about NTL verses the other broadband providers. I have just gone from dial-up (why so long - I know ??) onto Telewest and this seems to work fine for my needs.

Can anyone please tell me what is the done and dusted way of checking the current broadband speed on your PC.


  25paul 10:29 21 Nov 05
  G0lfer 10:36 21 Nov 05

Thanx 25paul - works fine.

  Stuartli 10:52 21 Nov 05

There's also:

click here

But remember that the speed will vary everything you use such tests - several are needed to gain an idea at any particular time.

  G0lfer 13:56 21 Nov 05

Thanx Stuartli - I appreciate that this is not an exact science

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