Broadband speed almost non-existent! BT/XP

  toofy 15:25 05 Mar 08

Both download & upload speed is 0.05MB I have BT Bdbnd, XP, AVG Free,Ad-aware,Spywareblaster,Zonealarm and use Moz Firefox. I have been reading forums etc for 8 hours and have disk cleaned, defragged, uninstalled several progs to no avail. As it is so slow the DIY method is taking forever; could some kind expert help me out please. Background info: I changed to BT 3 weeks ago after Talktalk self destructed. It is only in the last 5 or six days that the speed has become unacceptable. Don't know what it was previously, sorry. Am using a Home Hub.

  crosstrainer 15:27 05 Mar 08

Try unplugging the router / modem for 30 seconds, then re-power, wait til the line syncs and try again.

  toofy 16:20 05 Mar 08

The BT Home Hub has a restart button on the side. I have actioned this and now have: Download 107kbps, Upload 54kbps. This is better but should it be even quicker? Does using the restart button on the Home Hub have the same effect as unplugging a modem (I hope I am right in thinking the Hom Hub is instead of a modem)

  crosstrainer 16:59 05 Mar 08

This speed indocates a 1MB connection, what are you paying for in terms of speed?

  crosstrainer 17:03 05 Mar 08

Run the BT speed test from here:

click here

  toofy 17:59 05 Mar 08

Thanks.BT have yet to confirm my broadband package details which is poor service. I have just been advised I have a 2MB connection giving 448kbps up, and 2272kbps down. I have tried to run the speedtest again but this was not possible because it is less than 3 hours since the last one.

  Dipso 21:34 05 Mar 08

The 448kbps upload speed indicates you are on ADSL Max which is "up to 8 Meg" broadband. If you are only connecting at 2272kbps that suggests you are a fair distance from the exchange or your line quality is poor.

Perform this test click here and pot back with the results.

Do you connect through an extension or the master socket in your house?

  woodchip 22:10 05 Mar 08

Try this click here

I am getting on a XP laptop Wireless, this cut my connection to more than half speed. using TalkTalk

2631 kbps download

371 kbps upload

It's a lot faster on my wired Computer. I live 1.8 miles from exchange

  manrow 23:04 05 Mar 08


My numbers come to 242 download, and 244 upload.

What numbers does that equate to?

Seems unbelievably slow to me?

  manrow 23:08 05 Mar 08


Using the BT site I end up with 232kbps download.

Useless isn't it?

  toofy 08:04 06 Mar 08

The power adaptor for the BT Hub is plugged directly into the wall socket. I was unable to do a speedtest using your link: the message read "Exception::access denied(,resolv"
However using click here the results were 107kbps down & 54kbps up Further advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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