broadband speed

  sudoman 08:50 30 Jan 09

i ran a speed test on my broadband connection today.i am on virgin media 20mbs.the test said it was running at 14.39mbs is that good or bad.

  Technotiger 08:57 30 Jan 09

Extremely excellent, compared to my 5mbs (up to 8mbs) - normal ADSL.

  Andsome 09:31 30 Jan 09

I have a 10Mb connection with Virgin cable, and ALWAYS achieve well over 9800mbs. I have NO complaints.

  User-1229748 11:45 30 Jan 09

yep,i'm also on the virgin 10mbs and it doesn't go below 9.8mbs

  birdface 12:16 30 Jan 09

Yes fairly good.But maybe you should be getting a bit more.Try it with here
Thats the one that the Virgin engineers use.
If you have just upgraded have they also upgraded your modem.

  birdface 12:23 30 Jan 09

Or have a look here

  Stoneywood 12:53 30 Jan 09

Hi I have an issue with AOL.

Speed is generally 2MB/s, but reduces to as low as 200KB/s in evenings and at weekend.

AOL say that line congestion "no longer happens" and that they will send a "router" to replace my Wirless ADSL modem router.

Comments please.

  RobCharles1981 12:56 30 Jan 09


Something wrong with AOL there they are fobbing you right of the hook a new router won't improve problems but changing ISP's will.

  Stoneywood 13:04 30 Jan 09

>changing ISP's will.<

Easier said than done, but that's the way I am heading.

  MAJ 13:14 30 Jan 09

Only if you're in Hull, otherwise it's a fairly painless experience. click here to see what sort of speed you should be getting on your line, bearing in mind that there are a few factors that can influence the speed you will get, like distance from your exchange and the quality of that cable.

  provider 2 13:24 30 Jan 09


Welcome to the wonderful world of AOL 2 Mbps connections.

The kind of problem you refer to is common, whatever AOL says to deny it and at the worst of times you can expect a massive drop in connection speed ... sometimes dropping out altogether and the window appears saying, "You may be experiencing a delay etc, etc ..."

This is often noticeable from about 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm (though it does pick up later) on weekdays and at various times over the weekend. If you live in a rural area things can get even worse.

As Rob says, another ISP may well be the answer. If you are a skinflint like me of course, you must just grin and bear it, and avoid contacting AOL help unless you have hours to waste on futile fixes that make not the slightest difference.

I have an ethernet connection which is slightly less prone to these slow-down effects (working round the AOL software), but even that can be pretty slow at times.

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