broadband speed

  acceptmyname 15:39 15 Oct 07

would you say that say that this speed is acceptable for 1mb broadband.

this is my speedtester result.

click here

  acceptmyname 16:02 15 Oct 07

that link is no help my speed is 733.40 kbps

  birdface 16:21 15 Oct 07

If through a BT line.Probably as near as you will get.

  acceptmyname 16:27 15 Oct 07

not what i wanted to here but thanks buteman

  DieSse 16:37 15 Oct 07

The 1Mbps is the data transmission speed - the measured speed is the data throughput speed.

The data throughput speed will always be less, as in addition to actual data there are control characters transmitted, and each block sent has to wait for an acknowledgment to be sent back that it's been received OK.

Also you're at the mercy of traffic over the whole route that the data takes, and how busy the sending website is at any one time.

And if there are any errors that require resending of a bad block, then that can slow things down considerably.

This is why the speed you measure will vary depending on when you measure it, and on the size of the datafiles that are being sent, and the quality of the line (which may also vary throughout the day)

733kbps is not too bad for a 1Mbps line - probably you will get a little better sometimes, and a little worse at others. You could try checking with other speed checkers, and at other times and on other days.

  acceptmyname 16:59 15 Oct 07

Thanks DieSse

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