Broadband Speed

  suedeblue 10:43 26 Jan 06

I've been with Tiscali for about a year now and recently the broadband connection has been very slow. Today it is at a snails pace.
I've run an site speed test, but am not sure of the results. Can anyone tell me what they mean.

Actual Speed
True Speed (estimated)

Downstream 1674 Kbps (209.3 KB/sec) 1807 Kbps (inc. overheads)
Upstream 239 Kbps (29.9 KB/sec) 258 Kbps (inc. overheads)

  Forum Editor 10:54 26 Jan 06

are within the bracket that I would normally expect to see.

  Biotech 11:23 26 Jan 06

I presume thats is a 2MB line. Some downloads are very slow sometimes I get not much better than dialup, depends on how busy the servers are especially when there is a new update out, sometimes will not even find the server as too busy. I like this as a tester usually use the New York site, better in the mornings when the US is not awake as much.
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  suedeblue 11:29 26 Jan 06

Thanks for the help and information.
I'm considering changing my provider, but am unsure who to go with at the moment.

  spuds 11:31 26 Jan 06
  stlucia 12:45 26 Jan 06

Slowness could possibly be due to other things, such as disk drive nearly full, or virus or something on your PC. Have you got firewall and anti-virus to guard against the latter?

  rmcqua 13:29 26 Jan 06

If suedeblue is on a 2Mb service (which I assume he is) then the speeds he is recording are not unusually slow (see FE's post).

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