Broadband Speed.

  milkybarkid 22:32 09 May 05

I am connected to B-band via a D-Link ADSL router. There are no icons in my system tray that I can hover over to see my connection speed. Any idea how I find out what it is?

  NORFOLK SPARKY 22:43 09 May 05

trythis site click here

  NORFOLK SPARKY 22:51 09 May 05

here is the one i use the other address i picked up from other postings click here

  milkybarkid 23:07 09 May 05

Thanks NORFOLK SPARKY. Still on 1/2 meg! BT are floggin new customers between 1mb & 2 mb connection speeds. When are they going to upgrade existing clients?

  Hamish 08:06 10 May 05

If you are with BT then try this site.
click here

  woodchip 08:20 10 May 05

I am on a Wireless router modem BT line NTLfreedom 512kb bb I got 480kbps just now on my wireless laptop click here

  milkybarkid 17:37 10 May 05

I am definately on 1/2 meg. Problem is I'm paying £22/month to BT and new customers, and some on the cheaper rate, are going on at 1 or 2 meg.
Have spoke to BT and they say should be upgraded by end of June. Watch this space....

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