Broadband Slowdown

  Stoneywood 16:23 20 Feb 07

My WIN98SE desktop accesses broadband through a Netgear DG834G-3ALUKS Wireless ASDL Router and RJ45 cable. Recently the speed was down to 450Kbs and after reinstalling the Aol and Realtek 8139 drivers it is even lower.
My wife has an Acer laptop, running XP, “wirelessly” from the same router and still gets the original 750Kbs.

I have uninstalled the Realtek 8139 card, fitted it to a different slot, reinstalled the drivers.
Changed the RJ45 cable and tried different sockets on the router.
I have reinstalled the AOL Software.
I have uninstalled recently loaded software and carried out the usual "housekeeping" maintenance.

It is still not much better than Dial Up speed, but the router is clearly receiving 750Kps.

Has anyone any more ideas?


  Stoneywood 19:49 20 Feb 07

Should also have said that the Realtek 8139 card is showns as working properly, with no conflicts, in device manager.


  Stoneywood 19:54 26 Feb 07

I posted the above last week and did not get any response.

Maybe if I ask some more specific questions I might winkle out an expert.

In desperation I have purchased a wireless 11g USB adapter which installed OK and although it shows a strong signal, the speed is only 30% of my wife’s wireless PC. This is the same poor performance that I am getting with the RJ45 cable.(Remember that I had the full speed until recently).

1. My computer is running OK
2. Wireless or cable, I am not getting the speed that is available from the router and each, being equal, seem to be installed OK.

Something I have installed/uninstalled must have altered my settings?
Where would broadband protocols be stored?
What might interfere with the processing of my good signal?

I have reinstalled Win98SE and have considered a format and reinstall. With no Microsoft support, would this be wise?

I have considered purchasing a new OS - ouch!

Any advice would be grarefully received.


  woodchip 20:01 26 Feb 07

I think it may be a Registry setting that as changed, May be MTU or any other for BB. What you could try is click here Download and start the Program, But no need to run it look in Help\ How to improve your Connection There is a Download Program That I Use to setup Windows for the Connection you are using

  Stoneywood 20:08 26 Feb 07

I see system requirements are - at least 128Kb/s download speed.
I doubt I've even got that :>{

  woodchip 20:10 26 Feb 07

Your first post.

Recently the speed was down to 450Kbs

  woodchip 20:11 26 Feb 07

Why not test you speed with the Program. Turn Browser off and do not use comp while it runs

  Stoneywood 20:22 26 Feb 07

I ran quick test and all except download speed OK. I think the fault happens when the signal is in the PC.

>There is a Download Program That I Use to setup Windows for the Connection you are using<

On the site you gave the link to?

I will now go and do a thorough test.

  Stoneywood 20:24 26 Feb 07

>after reinstalling the Aol and Realtek 8139 drivers it is even lower.<

>It is still not much better than Dial Up speed,<

  woodchip 20:27 26 Feb 07

ASS I said look in Help at the top in Menu, on how to improve

  Dipso 20:52 26 Feb 07

This is a link to a post by someone with a similar problem click here If you see my post there are links to how to set your optimium MTU and RWIN registry settings.

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