Broadband slow on desktop- Fast on laptop

  heylyla 19:39 10 Mar 07

Hi All-
My problem is my broadband speed. For some weird reason the desktop is dead slow (down&uploading) but a laptop running from the same router/modem (netgear) is fine.
The PC is a brand new Dell, but the old one it replaced had the same problem so I really dont think its a problem with the PC.
The desktop is wired to the router/modem, the lappy wireless.

I've googled till my fingers are sore and would really appreciate a bit of help- Thankyou

  Joe R 19:43 10 Mar 07


could be the wiring between the PC and the router.

Is it cat crossover cable?, and if so, what length.?

  Ikelos 19:53 10 Mar 07

would it not be a good idea to make both of them wireless, I have 3 connected wirelessly and they all run fast

  Terry Brown 20:41 10 Mar 07

Try changing the cables over i.e. put the Laptop cable in the PC and visa-versa. to see if this makes a difference, if so you need a new cable .

Just a thought -- Are you using a RJ11 (BT connector--Small white) or a RJ45 (large gray) router.

If it is the RJ11, it has no switching ability (as far as I know), so the first computer will receive the bulk of the speed and any others the remains.

  Dipso 22:39 10 Mar 07

See my reply to a similar query click here

If that looks a bit daunting the program at the top of this page click here will apply the optimum settings for you.

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