Broadband set up problems

  acheron99 15:01 29 Oct 06


I have recently taken SKY broadband offer and have just had the router delivered.

Having connected everything and gone through the install instructions I didn`t get an internet connection.

I have since spent nearly an hour an a half on the phone to their call centre (India I think) after which time the lady tells me my PC doesn`t have a LAN port. OK, so how do I get one, she doens`t know and says see the PC manufacturer.

So how do I go about getting a LAN port on to my PC (I'm ok with pc programs but no good technically on them). Can I just buy something from PC world, plug it in and hey presto it works, or is it an ethernet card I need and again can i get one easily.

Would be grateful of any help, preferably in simple in English, and an idea of cost of resolving said problems.


  ulrich 15:06 29 Oct 06

What are the specs of your pc?

  martd77 15:07 29 Oct 06

you can purchase an ethernet card from anywhere they are only cheap and easy to fit
click here

  martd77 15:11 29 Oct 06

actually id be curious to know ,if you have connected everything i assume that includes the ethernet cable then your connection should work,maybe your ethernet card in your pc is faulty

  acheron99 15:35 29 Oct 06

Everything was connected, broadband box had lights on to show that ethernet cable was in, poer on and it was connected to a broadband signal. Broadband seems to be wired up, just seems to be an issue between my pc and the broadband box. Could the NTL connection I had effect this?

Not sure full spec of PC, had it built by a client a couple of years back - It has an athlon amd processor (not sure the speed), 1gb RAM, 80gb hard drive, 256mb graphics card.

  baldyx 16:37 29 Oct 06

If you go to START >Accessories>System Tools>System Information, will give you the pc details.

  bruno 19:36 29 Oct 06

Have Sky activated your connection.When I joined them there was a gap of several days before Sky made the connection.They were late sending the router and even later connecting.I had to phone them to remind them.

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