Broadband routing

  Sprintthegrint 14:21 24 Oct 06

I want to set up a wireless router to share telewest broadband with a second pc.
I have bought a Belkin G+ router and usb adaptor.
The modem already in use is a Motorola SB5100, supplied by telewest.
It all looked straightforward until I went to connect the router between the pc and modem. The modem is usb connected to the pc and the router has only ethernet connection sockets.
What do I do now??? I seem to be at the limits of my knowledge. Can anyone help please?
Thanks Andy

  Technotiger 14:24 24 Oct 06

Hi, not a real problem - get and fit a pci ethernet board in your pc. Problem solved.
They are not expensive and easy to fit.


  Technotiger 14:26 24 Oct 06

Forgot to add - does your Router already include Modem? - most do.

  Sprintthegrint 14:35 24 Oct 06

Classic huh? I haven't given all the data.
The pc does have an ethernet socket ,as does the modem but they were originally and still are connected by usb.Should I just pull out the usb and connect the ethernet ? Or is it (probably) more complicated than that? Thanks for the quick reply by the way.

  Technotiger 14:39 24 Oct 06

Remove usb from Router, connect Router via ethernet card.

  Sprintthegrint 14:40 24 Oct 06

.....and the router is just a router

  Technotiger 14:43 24 Oct 06

Sorry, I meant remove usb from Modem. If Router does not have integrated modem, then your modem to Router via ethernet. If router does have its 'own' modem then you won't need your original modem.

  Technotiger 14:44 24 Oct 06

OK, just seen you latest info.

  Sprintthegrint 15:12 24 Oct 06

Hmm, when I connect with the ethernet and reboot I get a LAN status error- limited or no might not be able to access the internet.....-, which is true. On clicking REPAIR it then attempts to newew IP address, but fails.
If I re-connect the usb I then get internet access (no reboot).
Also in the network info window it appears that the cable is detected but with nothing on the end of it, the modem does not appear until I re-connect the usb and then it's as a second connection.

  Technotiger 15:20 24 Oct 06

Right - sorry I can't be more positive. However, if you put this Post into the Networking Forum I am sure you will be better directed. Cheers.

  Sprintthegrint 15:26 24 Oct 06

Thanks Tech , I'll try that

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