Broadband puzzle.

  Bald Eagle 19:51 26 Jan 08

Myself, my daughter and a friend of hers all use TalkTalk as our ISP. We are all on the same exchange and they are nearer to it than I am. However, whenever they go online it takes ages because it says "Server busy" I get on immediately! We have even co ordinated going on line at the same time to check the results. Once online their speeds and mine are virtually identical. Any suggestions as to why this happens?

  Killo Bite 19:54 26 Jan 08

telephone ext within the house are not as good, if they have adapters on sockets of these cheap telephone ext kits to substitue using dedicated wired in sockets they are getting a weaker signal to the modem/router.

  Killo Bite 19:55 26 Jan 08

depending on which firewall can also make a impact on how the connection responds

  Bald Eagle 22:22 26 Jan 08

Cheers Killo Bite, Daughter's connection is a bit iffy, long line from a reel in one bedroom to the one where the computer is.

  Dipso 23:14 26 Jan 08

Are you all using the same hardware?

  Bald Eagle 09:36 27 Jan 08

Different computer makes running variously XP and Vista but all using the bog standard modem supplied by talktalk, Huawei or something spelt like that.

  Dipso 10:35 27 Jan 08

Does your telephone exchange serve a big area? I wonder if there is more than one Talk Talk DSLAM at the exchange and you are on a different one to them.

  Bald Eagle 19:43 27 Jan 08

Yes, Selby is a large area.

  Bald Eagle 08:07 29 Jan 08

Stripped all the phone cables from BT box and renewed it all. Now gets on without the server busy bit. I seem to remember a site somewhere that showed you that apart from 2 wires all the others were redundant nowadays.Anyone got it bookmarked?

  numskull 08:29 29 Jan 08
  Steve- 08:29 29 Jan 08

Have a look here. click here

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