broadband providor help

  shauny36 16:42 02 Aug 06

have just finished with tiscali (s**t), and am looking for another providor where i can get unlimited downloads for around £15 a month, can anyone advise

  jimv7 16:45 02 Aug 06

Try cable if available in your area, telewest or ntl.

  FelixTCat 16:48 02 Aug 06


If we could, we'd all be on it! Unlimited downloads for this price don't exist.

Even if you find one that claims this, they will state that it is subject to a "fair usage" policy which will, in practice, limit you.

Still, if you are successful, let us know.



  shauny36 17:30 02 Aug 06

i thought it was to good to be true.AOL stated unlimited.

thanks for that

  kdt 17:44 02 Aug 06

i am with aol not bad though some hicups you get will get free router and 1 mbps with 12 month contract..i am ouside the contract @17.99 but can't find anyone better..awaiting sky to see otherwise sign new contract @14.99 or stay outside @17.99 and wait how far pricewar goes before deciding.

  shauny36 17:51 02 Aug 06

thats the one that has caught my eye so might try that. a friend of mine is with them and says if he recomends me we both get £25 each

  kdt 17:53 02 Aug 06

true my brother signed a couple last week

  Diemmess 18:03 02 Aug 06

Aol lets me have 1G at £15.99/month as a sweetener after a moan by snail mail that they had not increased from 512m 3 months after they said they would!

No sign of any cap on downloads
Appalling live help from India mercifully not really needed...........

.........If anyone wants to scoop a reward for "introducing a friend" it is possible, but first find the place on Aol, then name the friend. Let Aol send them the CD and hardware if BB, then wait.

If your friend actually becomes contracted with Aol, then in the fullness of time (I'm told) your account will be credited with lotsa money.

  jimv7 18:08 02 Aug 06

My friend is on telewest at £17.99 per month for 2gb speed and no caps on amount downloaded, I am on telewest at 4gb download at £25 per month and no cap limit.

  FelixTCat 18:58 02 Aug 06


If you are interested in change, have a look at this: click here Go to the line speed tester and, when the new window opens, put in the code "cheaper" (without the "s).

You can get Max BB with a 5 Gb limit for a bargain, 20 GB for £19.99 and soon 50 Gb

These are the same people who run Waitrose BB who just got a Best Buy in Which? magazine. Their support people monitor and contribute in Forums at click here

The only relationship I have with them is as a happy subscriber.



  oscarsphotos 19:06 02 Aug 06

Stay away from Wanadoo/Orange.
Took five months and letters to the Directors before they agreed that they couldn't get their system to work.
Now with NTL.

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