broadband provider

  COLIN-234466 15:09 16 Sep 07

Hi my contract is coming up and i want to leave tiscali anybody know of any good cheap unlimited down load providers for under £20 a month . many thanks

  martan 17:54 16 Sep 07

hi ninnian
i have been with ntl and now virgin media ever since i have been on broadband and never had any problems with it at the moment it is £18 per month unlimited checkout click here

  johnnyrocker 17:57 16 Sep 07

click here for isp comparisons.


  bluto1 18:16 16 Sep 07

I use Virgin Media, up to 8Mb and 24/7 telephone calls for &19.19.
Do as johnnyrocker says and compare a few yourself, it'll give you a broader view of whats on offer.

  baldydave 18:22 16 Sep 07

I also use virgin on adsl not cable, on basic package £14.99 a month.No problems in 3 years.

  birdface 18:34 16 Sep 07

I also use Virgin Media and pay £18 for 2 Mb and the service is crap.

  zemdarin 20:59 16 Sep 07

I use talktalk and although it did have a bad name it is excellent. I get 40GB download and all telephone calls free apart from the 0870 and premium calls but I avoid them.

  snoopygirl 21:54 16 Sep 07

hi i am on virgin media recomended

  COLIN-234466 10:00 17 Sep 07

Thanks everybody been looking and virgin seems to be doing a £10 a month switch over for the 1st year which sounds good also if i went for somthing like say 5 meg download would that be enough to cover a month dont realy download that much its just my son plays a lot of online games . Many thanks ninnian

  wrg 11:02 17 Sep 07

VM for me to. Not had a problem and the set up was so easy. My kids play online games a lot (I have 4 kids so the computer is always on) and the most they ever seem to get up to is 2gig download.

  birdface 11:29 17 Sep 07

So far you have heard quite a lot from folk that like Virgin.Wait till you have a problem with them and see if you change your mind.Mind you at £10 a month I would be tempted.But I am just a regular customer that has to pay £18 a month for 2 Mb.Wait till you are screaming down the phone at them for 3 day's trying to get your service's running and you get the ,if you are going to speak to me like that I will disconnect you tone, Well I suppose Most ISP providers are the same. I hope that you get better service with them than I did.

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