Broadband problems

  The Sheep 11:54 25 Oct 05

Hi all. I've got a really frustrating problem and am looking for advice.

I moved into a new flat at the beginning of the month and was given a new BT telephone line and number (was with NTL at my old address).

I attempted to order broadband from Tiscali and was unable to as i was told there was already a broadband marker on the line. I defo hadnt ordered any other broadband and was told it may have been the previous tennants.

Anyway tiscali told me to contact BT to have the marker removed. I fought for two weeks with BT who said tiscali had to conatct their wholesale dept directly to have this removed. Eventually BT admitted it was their responsability and claimed to have removed this.

Subsequently i have contacted tiscali and wannadoo who have bothh said the marker is STILL on the line. I contactde BT back who 100% asssured me it is no longer on the line.

Totally stumped (and very frustrated)........what do i do?

  Jackcoms 11:57 25 Oct 05

Go back to BT and, this time, get a name and something in writing from them.

  The Sheep 12:00 25 Oct 05

Dont that mate. Got a direct line to a manager. She assures me there is nothing on the line???

  Jackcoms 12:07 25 Oct 05

Ask her to speak to Tiscali/Wanadoo or vice versa.

Or, alternatively, speak to the former tenant (or landlord) as s/he obviously hasn't bothered to tell BT or their ISP that they've moved. :-(

  The Sheep 12:11 25 Oct 05

no way of gettign contact with the former tennants.

And both tiscali and BT refuse to talk to each other as they both say its the others responsability???

  Jackcoms 13:34 25 Oct 05

Change the 'phone number, then.

A new number will not be BB enabled.

  johnnyrocker 13:42 25 Oct 05

go to the bt website and do a compatability check using your phone number, and proceed right up to the order stage with them if they are telling the truth you know who is telling the fibs


  johnnyrocker 13:46 25 Oct 05

that came out a bit wrong i meant if they accept an order and dont reject for incompatability you know who is right.


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