Broadband problem with US sites????

  NICTRY 08:45 25 May 03

Help, I have just moved home and have connected to Broadband for the first time. I have been using it this morning and for some strange reason I cannot seem to connect to any US hosted web sites, I have tried all the US newspapers, DVD sites, even my own US hosted Work secure web site and nothing, all of them come up with unavailable/not found. All UK web pages are loading fine, anyone have any ideas?????

  -pops- 09:11 25 May 03

Just connected to several USA, Japanese and Australian sites with no problem whatever.

BT Openworld BB connection.


I have also just connected to USA sites using blueyonder broadband

  mikef™ 09:16 25 May 03

Same here as -pops-,I've got a seperate window open at the moment to an American site, only problems I have had recently is with this site late last night, also BTO. Could be some individual servers are down at their end.

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