broadband problem i think

  brettly01 18:33 23 Dec 05

when i leave my pc on overnight or when i go to work during the day (when i'm leaving it on to down load)my pc seems to shut down, a blue screen comes up and states "windows has recovered from a error and had to shut down" (or something like that anyway) when i looked into this i found out that it might be something to do with hardware drivers the other problem i'm having is my broadband keeps shuting off, i'm on AOL, i could be surfing or playing a game or something then all of a sudden AOL says goodbye then shuts off. what i would like to know is what is causing this, could it be something wrong with my broadband thats causing both problems.? are they seperate problems.? or could it be my graphics card (geforce 5200 AGP)drivers causing problems.?
has anyone got any ideas.?


  Skyver 19:45 23 Dec 05

Not your broadband, something up with your system overall. Assuming you're using XP, do a disk check and system file check.
Startmenu/run, type `chkdsk` for the former, after that type `sfc /scannow` for the latter, have your XP CD handy.

  Totally-braindead 21:13 23 Dec 05

To make sure it isn't the graphics card download the latest Nvidia drivers click here if that does nothing then you know its not that. I would also see if there is a updated driver for your router and see if that stops it.

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