Broadband Problem

  2Xtreme_lives 08:46 03 Mar 07

I have Tiscali 8MB Broadband which i use for many purposes however i have been having a problem recent. I frequently game on xbox live however i always get kicked from servers because my ping is to high. I ran a speed test this morning and got 6472Kps download, but only 352kps upload. I assume this is the problem for my high ping. I am using a Belkin wireless Moden Router with the firewall disabled so i know its not ports. What could be the problem? why is my upload speed so low?

  skidzy 08:53 03 Mar 07

Im not really into up and download speeds,but maybe its a driver issue requiring highspeed drivers.
And if 8mb is a recent upgrade,you may need a settling in period..normally over the first 10 days or so.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 09:18 03 Mar 07

Your Broadband is asymmetric, so your download from servers is relatively high but uploads suffer as a consequence. I don't think your 352 is all that abnormal.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 09:24 03 Mar 07

I hope you meant 352Kbps.

  2Xtreme_lives 10:09 03 Mar 07

Thanks Guys.Yeah 352kbps per second. Drivers for what exactly?.

  skidzy 13:48 03 Mar 07

Forget my post 2Xtreme_lives,just reread your thread title and realise its router and not a usb modem.My apologies Doh!

I would have thought your upload speed would be more than 352kbps,but im not in any position to real advise on that as i dont know to much about the subject.

You could check device manager and see if an updated driver is availble,or the routers website.

  2Xtreme_lives 17:24 03 Mar 07

Ok thanks, i think my router had a firmware update option. I'll try that

  Dipso 17:46 03 Mar 07

I don't think speed is your problem, seems fine to me. If your connection latency is interleaved this improves stability in many cases but it adds 10-20 ms to the ping time. You can find out if you are interleaved by checking your routers stats. If you have a number of FEC errors then your line is interleaved.

You can ask your ISP to turn interleave off but this could make your connection unstable. You would have to provide your stats if you want to know if this is an option.

  Daveboy 22:31 03 Mar 07

You might try a few tracert's to see if a rogue router is the culprit.

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