Broadband phoneline problems...

  funbubble 19:42 11 Feb 07

We recently upgraded to bt broadband and have a broadband line coming straight from the voyager router. Went well for a week or so.. now that line cuts off every 15 minutes or even less sometimes....Highly infuriating!!!
Any ideas anyone?

  Expat 1 21:35 11 Feb 07

Have you put filters across ALL or any other phones in the house? I fell foul of that when I recently installed my Broadband. I had missed one of the extensions and if someone picked the phone up or someone had tried to ring in I was getting cut of.

  funbubble 21:42 11 Feb 07

Yes Expat all filters have been fitted.......hmmm although I did get two of them from ebay!! maybe they are a cheap design?!

  Dipso 21:55 11 Feb 07

It could well be the filters are poor quality. Is this 8 Meg?

  funbubble 21:57 11 Feb 07

Yes Dipso
...(up to 8meg!!)

  Dipso 22:01 11 Feb 07

See if your router is listed click here and post your line stats.

  woodchip 22:02 11 Feb 07

Have you got an electrical appliance that is cutting in and out on 15 minutes?

  funbubble 22:06 11 Feb 07

Thanks for that woodchip....
Other than my fridge or freezer possibly???....this could take a while to sort!!
I'll try to knock out the possible variables before posting again...

  Dipso 22:09 11 Feb 07

It could well be your wiring. Do you connect through an extension? This is worth doing click here

  woodchip 22:11 11 Feb 07

Also check the Phone line does not run near Mains cable at any point

  funbubble 15:57 17 Feb 07

I took the filters out from (safecom Model SAMF-1000) that I had bought on ebay and it seems to have done the trick as we have not had cut offs since.
I did want to put the line stats up for comment but I do not know the administrators password on the home PC as I did not set it up.(Ideas welcome)
Cheers for now

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