Broadband via Network port

  poogles_uk 20:16 16 Mar 04

Connecting to broadband using network port - is a modem needed? or cna you connect a network cable straight into a ASDL filter?

And is a firewire B port the type you connect to your DV cam? or is that a different cable? as on my a7n8x-d i ahve a large and smaller firewire port

  Diodorus Siculus 20:25 16 Mar 04

The broadband modem will plug into either a network port or a USB port. You can't go directly from the telephone filter socket to the PC (unless you have an internal BB modem - unlikely).

  poogles_uk 19:39 20 Mar 04

So you can choose where to connect the modem too? do all let you do this?

  poogles_uk 20:05 20 Mar 04

What would i have to buy to connect a broadband modem to an ethernet port? As all broadband modems seem to be USB or PCI. As i have a A7N8X-D with 2 ethernet ports.

  poogles_uk 20:16 20 Mar 04

Please help.

  poogles_uk 20:24 20 Mar 04

What would i need to connect to a broadband connection via my Network/ethernet/lan port, as then i want to use a wireless network card to connect to another computer

  Diodorus Siculus 22:10 20 Mar 04

Do you already have a BB modem? If not, then buy one that connects via a LAN port.

  poogles_uk 17:19 23 Mar 04

I haven't got bb yet, im preparing for when its avaliable, all the ones i can find that connect via lan port are routers, would this be what i'd have to get?

  poogles_uk 17:19 23 Mar 04

that is a router with a built in modem? or can someone point out a model to me that is jsut a modem with Lan?

  poogles_uk 16:50 24 Mar 04

What is the Difference between 2.0m RJ45/Cat5 Patch lead and 2m Crossover Cable (RJ45) ?

And which modems have an Lan (rj45) connection?

  poogles_uk 21:07 26 Mar 04

What is the Difference between 2.0m RJ45/Cat5 Patch lead and 2m Crossover Cable (RJ45)?

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