Broadband and Network Access.

  Oddjob99bowls 19:28 22 Jan 03
  Oddjob99bowls 19:28 22 Jan 03

I have an existing 3 computer network which works fine using 3 of a 5 way hub.
I have changed to broadband and at present it is directly connected to one PC.
How can I access the web from any of the pc'S ?
Can I just plug the broadband modem into the hub or do I need a router as well ?
Any advice will be appreciated.


  Forum Editor 19:35 22 Jan 03

will not work - you need an ADSL router. You'll need to download the modem's firmware to the router (instructions for doing this will come with it), and then it will make the connection to your broadband ISP whenever it (the router) is booted. Connect your computers to the router using ordinary CAT5 network cable and RJ45 plugs, and you'll be sharing the connection amongst all of them.

Many routers now come with a built in ADSL modem, and this is probably a better route to take - configuration is somewhat easier.

  Forum Editor 19:38 22 Jan 03

that you can simply connect your ADSL modem to one PC, and share the connection with other machines directly via your hub - provided you have enabled internet connection sharing in your operating system.

I personally prefer the router solution though - it works better in my experience.

  Oddjob99bowls 19:08 23 Jan 03

Many thanks for the advice. I now understand whats what.


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