Broadband on a Network

We have 3 pc's running 98se, 333MHz cpu's,128MB RAM & 3.5GIG HDD's on a BNC peer 2 peer network. We ordered BT Broadband and their "technician" dropped of a broadband router and said we need to configure it ourselves. Do we need additional software and is BNC cabling suitable ? Any suggestions ?

  Ivor_Monkey 21:42 11 Dec 03

There are a number of useful websites on home networks. For example:
click here

In short, you need network cards in each machine connected using straight network cables with rj45 plugs (unless you're going for a wireless setup).

(I think) You usually configure the router by accessing a website. This info will be set out in the manual. I hope this helps.

  InZaNE_mOdS 23:10 11 Dec 03

Yes, connect all three pcs with an ethernet adapter, then use rj45 cat 5 cable and connect each pc to the router, then the router to bb modem throught he WAN port. The router should specify an IP address for you where you put into the browser, and then you would have to enter the default password. Where you can set it up.

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