Broadband is my comp to slow

  holligan 19:03 14 Feb 04

My comp speed is 166 i was told its to slow to get a broadband modem put in. Is that right ?

  chris05 19:09 14 Feb 04

As far as I know as long as you have either a usb connection or a network card it should be okay.

  anon1 19:17 14 Feb 04

what OS? how much ram? I think 166 would struggle with bb but the amount of ram would be critical

  holligan 19:19 14 Feb 04

RAM 40 I THINK Cheers

Have a look at this site, it includes a computer checker click here

  Eastender 20:37 14 Feb 04

Tiscali give these specs as minimum:-

Pentium 200Mhz / 32MB RAM / 4 speed CD-ROM / 150MB free on hard drive / USB port / Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 Professional or XP

  Eastender 20:45 14 Feb 04

Which is funny since that BT checker fails me on my AMD 500MHz.

  holligan 20:46 14 Feb 04

Looks like i need a new pc

no go on the broadband

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