Broadband - logged to isp, no surfing..

  MichelleC 09:42 11 May 03

This is a strange one. Isdn modem is working; checked with Plusnet and we're logged on. I can't get any sites to load - the 'page cannot be found' page is always there. BPS says 570000, but data flow is very low.

I've checked tools/internet options/security/connections etc; network connections; TCP/IP is ticked and so is 'always log on'; done scandisk, defrag, scanreg/fix (in dos).

The pc crashed 2 days ago when online and when rebooted got error that keyboard driver cannot be found and couldn't even get to safemode. Ran a NSW rescue disk created on another pc, then ran NSW utilities to fix hd, then reinstalled 98se over itself, then ran sfc and 'system' file was corrupt and changed that. Is there anything else to try before formatting?

  powerless 09:45 11 May 03

Phone Plusnet and ask them if they have problems. I'm with Freeserve BB and had the same problem, logged in but couldn't do anything. Fault with them, sorted itself out within a few hours.

How about removing the ISDN modem and sticking it back in?

NSW does that have a firewall? If it does disbale it see if that helps.

  MichelleC 10:36 11 May 03

Thanks Powerless.

I've spoken to the 600 mph talking tech at Plusnet and ran all their checks. I've done 'clean' uninstall and reinstall on modem, and there's no firewall.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:47 11 May 03

1) re-install IE6 but do it this way...put disk in and start the load prog. When you get to the 'typical' or 'custom' view choose 'custom'. Now make sure everything is ticked EXCEPT media player and languages...continue to load and reboot when finished. It is important that languages and WMP is NOT loaded.

If that fails then you cpould have a corrupt Hosts file so...To find your Hosts file, go to Start/Find/Files or Folders, type in Hosts (no extension) and hit Enter. If it finds the file, you can right-click on it, choose Open with... and select Notepad. If there are loads of web addresses then delete the file or files and reboot. The file will be rebuilt on reboot.

failing the above then you will need to delte DUN and re-install through add/remove progs. You will probably need your windows CD.


  steven_frost 11:05 11 May 03

I think this is a problem across the board i'm with bt broadband and i also seem to get this problem but my friend next door who uses dial up with tesco' is getting this same problem after speaking to their tec guys seemed to resolved 95% of the problem some how i think this could be the remains of that virus which was pushed round the internet servers its still doing the rounds as i'm still getting norton finding it on emails sent to me

  MichelleC 13:10 11 May 03

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)>, I'll try those when i get home.

steven_frost, I think you could be right. This is my son's pc and he had no av an d no firewall. A recipe for disaster.

  Michael-240508 13:26 11 May 03

Hi I also had this problem 2 days ago. I had inadvertantly installed Win2000 over Win98se did a complete reformat and to date no probs

  MichelleC 09:00 14 May 03

I had to format in the end and now it's working. Thanks for all your replies.

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