Broadband lacking speeds - Voyager 2100

  TicTacToc 10:10 05 Jul 06

Hi all,

After problems with my other router and modem, I decided to go a simpler route and buy the Bt Voyager 2100.

Things have gone fine, except slightly lagging internet speed -

click here

A week ago, I received a broadband speed upgrade to I don't-really-know-what.

When my other setup was working I got 4mbps. With this BT, after doing some tests I get 1.5mbps. Looking at the screenshot above, does that mean my speed is 6.4mbps?

Any tips on how to increase my speed, at least back up to my original 4mbps I had with my Linksys router?

Thanks for any advice.

  TicTacToc 13:12 05 Jul 06

I don't think my last post was very clear -

Basically with the Voyager 2100, my Download speeds are down compared to what they should be.

Any remedies?


  mattyc_92 13:29 05 Jul 06

Looks like your connection is around 6MB

Have you done the "firmware" update? As it may solve this...

  mattyc_92 13:32 05 Jul 06

click here - Latest firmware is 3.01

  Dipso 13:47 05 Jul 06

The sceenshot shows your line sync speed is 6688. In theory you could get download speeds of up to 5.5 Meg with that.

You don't say what the problems were with your other modem/router but I wonder if they could have lowered your profile to around 2 Meg, which would explain your slow speeds. If this is the case check the speeds should improve in 3 days.

Have you tried a speedtest in the early hours to rule out contention?

  Mad Mick 14:13 05 Jul 06

mattyc_92 he/she is using a Voyager 2100. Your firmware update is for the Voyager 2110. You are right though, he should update to the latest firmware for his computer.

  Mad Mick 14:20 05 Jul 06

The latest firmware update for the 2100 is

  mattyc_92 15:40 05 Jul 06

Just testing you... Someone has to keep you on your toes ;-)

  TicTacToc 17:40 05 Jul 06

Ok, thanks for the info so far.

I had already upgraded the firmware but that didn't help.

I have done many speedtests, including (I only got about 900kbs) and Dan Ellwells Speed test (the download - i got a speed of about 1200kbps).

I am not downloading anything at the same time.

My original hardware was a Linksys WRT54G v2, and a D-Link DSL-300T. I had numerous problems, and in the 6 months I had the setup I always had problems.

In the last week, after getting my speed update, I was getting about 4mbps in all the tests.

I will leave it a few days, and if my connection does not speed up, Ill post back here.

  Mad Mick 23:07 05 Jul 06

Nice one mattyc_92. I like a little gentle banter now and again. It keeps me young!!

  rdave13 23:22 05 Jul 06

Aparrently it will take more than ten days to "test" your upgraded speed so as to stablize it.Your ISP's maxadsl software does it automatically . So my ISP tells me...hmmm.

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