Broadband + house move = lost email

  Retired Hurt 12:07 23 Mar 05

Having moved house and had to lose my BT broadband and then have it reinstated at the new address(Telephone number stayed the same) I find that my 1and1 email is not being picked up by Outlook altho' my BT addresses are fine. Mail out seems unaffected as all email accounts are operating. Any ideas, please, why one email address should no longer be recognised? TVM

  pauldonovan 12:29 23 Mar 05

If you have internet connectivity and you can receive email from your other address(es) then it is likely down to settings.

Have 1&1 changed the name of their incoming/outgoing mail servers ?

When you say mail out is unaffected as all email accounts are operating - are you sure your outgoing email isn't just going out via BT ? Have you tried doing a send only on 1&1 ? It may be that your 1&1 account details need re-setting up.

You could try pinging their mail servers that you have setup in the 1&1 account details as a first test.

  Retired Hurt 12:35 23 Mar 05

Thanks Paul, It would be coincidence that 1and1 change just as I move house, but not impossible. I do not know how to 'ping' the mail server, but maybe I could cancel the email address and then reinstate it?

  pauldonovan 19:06 23 Mar 05

.."if something can go wrong it will" so its worth checking, can't see why otherwise it would fail.

Say 1&1 mail server is called then you just go to a dos/command prompt on your pc and type :


  pauldonovan 19:07 23 Mar 05
  Retired Hurt 00:01 24 Mar 05

Paul, sorry for lack of response, I have had to leave it for a while.It is now midnight and I am unable to explore further until after the weekend. I will try your suggestions - many thanks again

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