broadband help

  ROB.R 11:22 24 Apr 05

i have two pc,s and i am thinking of getting broadband my two pc,s have there own opperating systems ie xp i want to connect the two pc,s to the internet but i am not botherd if they are connected at the same time . will i need a router ? please help.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:26 24 Apr 05

You can have BB on both computers and use the same modem (swapping it from computer to computer) or buy an extra modem (Ebay) and connect with that, using your username and password. This only works if you do not connect at the same time. If you connect at the same time a router is needed.


  chriscars1 11:27 24 Apr 05

No but you will just have to swap the modem from one to the other

  ROB.R 11:29 24 Apr 05

so how mutch is a router?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:30 24 Apr 05

click here& around 60 squid.


  ROB.R 11:39 24 Apr 05

connecting two pc,s will it make broadband slower or not

  chriscars1 11:39 24 Apr 05

An easier way is to use 2 wireless pci cards and have one pc connected directly to the internet and the other one can connect through that. But your main pc has to be connected to the internet for the other one to connect.

  chriscars1 11:40 24 Apr 05
  ROB.R 11:46 24 Apr 05

aol have a silver package with this do i need a router. it says you can network. can you help please

  ROB.R 11:48 24 Apr 05

sorry i mean gold

  ROB.R 11:49 24 Apr 05

click here gold

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