Broadband and Firewalls.

  The Kestrel 14:58 16 Jun 04

Having finally persuaded the wife to allow me to go broadband, I connected up with Pipex yesterday evening. It really was as simple as many previous contributers have said!

Whilst setting up the modem (speedtouch) and connection, I noticed a reference to firewall being enabled. I have used Zonealarm for a long time now with my dial up connection. The questions I have are (a) Can I continue using both firewalls, at the moment there appears to be no conflicts, or (b) should I disable one, and if so which?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, If it is better to disable the modem firewall, how is this done.

The Kestrel.

  byfordr 15:04 16 Jun 04

If it is xps firewall disable it. A hardware firewall should be fine with a software one like ZA.


  GaT7 15:32 16 Jun 04

I would go with byfordr's advice. Don't disable the modem's firewall (if it has one) as it'll most probably be a hardware firewall (confirm this with Pipex if necessary) which is more effective than a software one. For a useful article about Internet firewalls - click here. HTH, G

  The Kestrel 17:15 16 Jun 04

byfordr & Crossbow 7, many thanks for your advice and suggestions.

The Kestrel

  johnsims 18:07 16 Jun 04

The firewall built into a modem or router is one way only. IE it only protects from inbound malcontents. ZA provides protection from hijacked outbound traffic as well (unlike current XP firewall)
So .... yes, run both hardware and ZA firewalls for full protection.

  spuds 23:55 16 Jun 04
  The Kestrel 12:30 17 Jun 04

johnsims and spuds, many thanks for your advice.

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