Broadband filters

  muddypaws 19:12 22 Apr 05

I know this is an old chestnut and I have looked through the archives and diagram links, but would still like advice on my set up- which is:

BT line in socket.
From here runs a single line with a 3 way adaptor at the end.
The 3 outputs from here are:
1. To phone next to it.
2. To lounge where it splits into 2. One to phone and one to Sky.
3. To upstairs b/room where it splits into 2. One for phone in bedroom and one goes through to office where it splits into 2. One for PC and one for 3 in 1 with fax.( Fax I rarely use and could be dis-connected).
Can I not connect the filter into the single line from the BT box, put the 3 way adaptor into the filter ( if that's physically possible) and connect everything into the 3 way as now.? Plus, I assume, one filter in the bedroom for that phone, as that is the only extension with the PC on it.
My brain hurts now!
Basically how few filters can I get away with.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:21 22 Apr 05


downstairs phone

adator to lounge sky and phone

phone upstairs

office fax wiil use normal socket on filter BB will use smaller socket on filter.

  stalion 19:22 22 Apr 05

I have extensions from my wall socket three in all I use one filter which is the last thing before you plug your lead in to the wall socket no problems
ie:wall socket,filter extensions or phone
Regards oh yes take somew paracetomol for your head lol

  muddypaws 19:37 22 Apr 05

stalion. Your system seems like mine, but sounds too good to be true! On the other hand I need four from fruit bat. I'll see what other replies I get before I close. Do you use the special cable ( whatever it's called) anywhere or are you all standard cables?

  stalion 19:44 22 Apr 05

standard telephone cable, you may need to use more than one filter but I am useing only one

  Kenneth-266656 19:57 22 Apr 05

For what its worth my mony is on Fruit Bat. I've got various extensions and BT advised a similar set up. Don't worry with paracetomal try Glenmorangie

  Stuartli 19:58 22 Apr 05

If you go to click here (it's based near where I live) you can buy the RJ11/45 each end data and telephone cable (3 metres) for £5 odd plus VAT or even better, a Lindy 10 metre version for £7.59 including VAT.

All I had to do was pay a visit but you can order on the website or by phone - the cable I bought wasn't listed on the website.

Cheapest cable of its type I've seen, yet a top quality brand.

  woodchip 19:59 22 Apr 05

This is My setup Box near door, Filter attached phone splitter into phone on filter extension goes upstairs from there. Now this is where it becomes interesting, 130ft home made Extension two wires for phone goes into anther splitter near door other two wires I connected to a US plug foe BB at other end of 130ft extension two sockets fitted one for phone other for BB, slitters fitted phone goes back down stairs to kitchen another about 30ft. then BB fitted to the end of BB cable from door. It is a big lon house. Every thing work A OK so far

  woodchip 19:59 22 Apr 05

PS got the cable B&Q years ago

  stalion 20:05 22 Apr 05

main thing to remember is the filters are only to stop interference so just try a filter where you think it is needed but definately use one last thing before you plug in to the wall socket

  muddypaws 22:37 22 Apr 05

Well- thanks for all that. A great help. I will run the thread overnight- just in case there are any more offers, but resolve it to-morrow before it becomes a 'War and Peace' epic! And Torwalker- I haf junk jush a cuple or sho glashes--fanks.!

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