Broadband Drops

  jim63 06:04 27 Jul 07

I use Virgin broadband but connection keeps dropping. Bt line is okay.

  birdface 08:20 27 Jul 07

Hi,Try Control Panel.Network connections.Right click local Area Connection and press repair,See if that shows any problems.Or control panel,Administrative Tools,Scroll down to DNS Client and make sure that it is set to automatic,Or unplug your modem for 10 seconds,Turn it back on and leave for 2 minutes before you try it,Or Internet Options,Connections,always dial my default connection is dotted,Apply ok.Or check your download speed with here Virgin has being doing a lot of repairs lately ,and who are the last ones to know about it,Only the customers,

  birdface 08:24 27 Jul 07

If always dial my default connection does not work,While in there go to Lan settings and tick automatically detect settings,Ok.Apply OK.see if that helps.

  Graham. 08:43 27 Jul 07

Any problems before Virgin?

  jim63 10:59 27 Jul 07

Thanks,will try these suggestions. I don't think any problems before Virgin. I was with Tiscali before. When my year is up with Virgin I may consider another provider

  martjc 11:18 27 Jul 07

With broadband you should choose "Never dial a connection."

Then reboot modem. Once the lights look normal, reboot your router (if you have one). Finally, reboot the pc.

  jim63 13:30 27 Jul 07

Done speed test. 2460 kbps download speed
385 kbps upload speed
Is this okay

  Dipso 13:46 27 Jul 07

Depends on what speed you should be getting. If for example you were connected at the full 8 Meg that would be a poor result. It would fast enough for normal sufing but downloads would take longer.

  birdface 16:12 27 Jul 07

Speed test,I am with Virgin on 2Mb and my download speed is normally 1972kbps which is just about spot on,So If you are supposed to be on 4Mb your 2460 kbps is running fairly slow.But then again I have a cable connection which might make a difference.

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