Broadband dead after Tiscali take over line

  Adpro2 11:48 28 Jan 08

Having been with Tiscali broadband only (BT maintained line) for 4 yrs without problem I get a call from Tiscali asking if I want to save more money and pay them for line rental. Great price but ever since they took responsibility for the line broadband does not work. BT says its because Tiscali LLU split causing the problem and coming back to BT will solve this. Who is telling the truth? Anyone else experienced this with Tiscali or other ISP's?

  MAJ 11:56 28 Jan 08

Tiscali, oh dear, you didn't did you, you did didn't you. click here

  MAJ 12:07 28 Jan 08

Sorry not very helpful. going back to BT will solve it or you can wait for Tiscali to fix it, Read the link I posted. Did BT tell you the cost of moving back to them, reports say some are being charged about £120.

  Adpro2 12:13 28 Jan 08

Already going back to BT 8th Feb, thankfully confirmed as FOC. Will have to kiss goodbye to the Tiscali £30 set up (stitch up) fee. Such a good service before the sales call. Live and learn. Thanks MAJ. Recommend a good ISP?

  Adpro2 08:38 31 Jan 08


  MAJ 09:25 31 Jan 08

Everyone has their own favourite, Adpro2, I can only recommend the one that has been working well for me (and a few others close to me) and that's Talktalk. I have only been with them about a month so far, but a few of my friends have been with them longer and don't have any problems. I chose this click here plan and it has delivered all it says, up until now, no problems with phone or BB speed.
Some users (especially the 'silver surfers') like the Post Office's offering, click here but it's a little more expensive.

  Graham. 09:47 31 Jan 08

If you have Sky TV, I can recommend them. Been with them nearly a year, no spam.

  desi3026 09:54 31 Jan 08

Thanks for the warning Adpro2 and MAJ.Although I,ve been with Tiscali Broadband for some years now,I was tempted by the line rental offer,but after reading these posts,I will not be taking up their offer.As I,ve said in previous posts,if it wasnt for the hassle and interruption to the internet service,I would leave them like a shot.

  MAJ 10:09 31 Jan 08

I had been with Tiscali from their inception, on dialup, on 256kbps, on 512kbps, on 1Mbps and finally on their 2Mbps services, all without a single problem other than the usual down times every ISP has/will suffer. I decided to maybe try out their 8Mbps and phone package because it looked like a great deal. As a Tiscali member and a user of their forums, I decided to have a look through those forums to see what the feedback on the new service was. Well, it didn't take me long to look elswhere.

"As I,ve said in previous posts,if it wasnt for the hassle and interruption to the internet service,I would leave them like a shot."

There is no hassle moving to another ISP, desi3026, so long as you get your MAC number from Tiscali before switching, my total down time when switching was about two hours.

Having said that, there doesn't seem to be a problem with their 2Mbps service, so if it's working well for you and you don't need the phone package or the increased speed, I would stick with the 2Mbps service from Tiscali.

  Adpro2 16:22 31 Jan 08

Thanks for the advice. Wish I had visited forum before taking the plunge. Will check out TalkTalk as Im not one for going backwards once a supplier has failed to deliver. The Tiscali Delhi helpdesk firstline engineer secondline engineer story gets a little tiresome after a couple of hours!

  sunny staines 16:25 31 Jan 08

good news at the end of the tunnel,tiscali have prblems and expect to be bought out with nect year or so by talktalk, bt or sky.

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