Broadband connection keeps dropping

  fatgeezer 18:59 PM 31 Aug 11

I know this is quite an old one, but I still can't solve the problem. It's the old chestnut of the BT hub disconnecting if you dare to use the phone. Sometimes it will disconnect even if the phone rings and sometimes it will only disconnect if you actually answer the phone. This only happens on the 'corded' phone,if you answer or make a call on the cordless it's OK. I have changed the filters quite a few times now,but no difference. Could I have too many phones on the system,four cordless and one corded?. Someone said that you could have a thousand cordless phones on the system and it wouldn't make any difference.

  Zak 19:22 PM 31 Aug 11

For your cordless phones, how many base stations do you have? If it is 4 then REN is possibly exceeded. You need to look at the REN for each phone and add up.

If you have just one base station and 4 cordless phones working off that then REN would not as far as I know be affected.

  chub_tor 21:14 PM 31 Aug 11

As zak says the chances that you are overloading the REN number is unlikely. I was going to add that more likely would be interference from the cordless phones affecting the BT Hub and that you should try changing the channel being transmitted and received by the hub, but you state that the disconnection only occurs with the corded phone which does point to a filter problem or a line problem. Have you tried disconnecting the Ringer Wire? Take a look at this article, may be worth a try

  woodchip 11:54 AM 01 Sep 11

If you have Call Waiting, Try it with it Disabled


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