Broadband connection drops - Driver issue

  bill8472 17:30 18 Dec 03

My broadband connection only stays up for a minute or two then drops.
I have eliminated a line problem - checked by BT.
I have eliminated a modem problem - alternative (borrowed from the office!)pc is fine and dandy.
Advised to upgrade bios which I did.
Now getting missing driver message for PCI simple controller device - what is this?
Any advice ?

  Djohn 17:38 18 Dec 03

Can you supply a few more details please?

Operating system, ISP, and type of modem. Also is the modem internal or external. If the latter how is it connected to the PC? Is it direct to the motherboard via rear of tower unit, or through a PCI card, or a hub?

  bill8472 09:28 19 Dec 03

OS is Windows 2000 (upgraded from Windows 98)
ISP is PlusNet
Modem is US Robotics,external adsl,model 9000
Connected via USB from rear of unit.

thanks, bill

Check nothing connected to second USB port on the same root hub as the modem.

  bill8472 11:00 19 Dec 03

The modem is the only usb device connected.

Only suggestion I have is to check in Device Manager, Network Adapters, ADSL modem (select), Action, Properties, Power Management. Check 'Allow Computer to turn off this device' is not ticked.

The 'missing driver' message may mean you will have to instal the modem drivers again, or it may be the USB driver itself that's fallen over.

Again, see if there are any clues in Device Manager.

I'm afraid these are based on XP, I do not have Win 2000.

  bill8472 14:11 19 Dec 03

I will have a go at your suggestions this weekend

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