Rickyv 15:07 07 Nov 04

I recently changed over from a 512k connection to a 1Mpbs (Wanadoo broadband). I have 3 seperate phones connected to my phone system - 2 are DECT and the other an old ordinary phone. I now find I lose my broadband connection if I havew all phones connected at the same time. THIS NEVER HAPPENED WITH MY 512K CONNECTION. All phone sockets have filters on them. Wanadoo support mentioned getting a special filter for DECT phones which plugs into the existing filter. They said these would be sold in PC World - but PC World have never heard of them. Can anyone help, please.

  Graham ® 15:49 07 Nov 04

For DECT, you need a high quality filter. This is DECT campatible click here

  Graham ® 15:50 07 Nov 04

It's compatible, too.

  D G 15:53 07 Nov 04

Hi there. I've got Dect phones on wannadoo,and I've no special filters,no problems,am I the lucky one. DG

  Graham ® 16:03 07 Nov 04

Not really. Some cause problems, some don't. The filters you have may be better than you think!

  Rickyv 16:06 07 Nov 04

Thanks. I've ordered a couple more filters form your 'link' - hopefully they will do the trick. As I said, I never had this problem with 512k. Perhaps I am pushing my phone line to the limit or something!

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