broadband connection

  harboro1 12:59 15 Mar 08

I have a Netgear Super Wireless Router UOM 1 and a Netgear 108Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter connected to my computer, when I log in both say they are connected.
I click on my ISP {} or email and they say they are not connected, I have to pull out the mains or reset the Router and then it works fine but I have to do this every time.
I thought it could have been a fault with some thing on my computer, so I set it up on another computer I have and it behaves the same.
I have an different Wireless Adapter on each computer but using the same router.
Could the Router be at fault?
Any ideas?

  harps1h 13:03 15 Mar 08

turn off your firewall and see if it happens then. also give us more detail as to your OS and antivirus/firewall software

  Daveboy 17:47 15 Mar 08

Both machines dont have the same ip address do they ?

  Graham. 17:57 15 Mar 08

You may have to speak to Sky. Sounds like the speed may have been set higher than your line can support. When you re-boot the router, it negotiates the speed, and you can then connect.

  harboro1 14:05 16 Mar 08

Thanks for the advice.
I have Windows XP Pro installed on both machines{ Installed by the same Cd}, on this computer Panda Titanium Antivirus and Firewall 2007 and Mcaffe antivirus and firewall installed on the other, both react the same when trying to connect.
I tried disabling the Firewall, it looked like it was trying to connect but it didn't.
There is a chap a few doors down the road he uses Sky ISP and the same phone line as me but has windows Xp Home, his works fine.

  Graham. 14:14 17 Mar 08

As I said, you will need to talk to Sky. They will look at the Exchange stats and do a few small tweaks to the settings. You should then have a more stable set-up.

  harboro1 11:43 25 Mar 08

I got in touch with Sky who asked me to unplug all telephones and just leave the router in, this I did and it connected.
I have 3 telephones and an extention bell,all have filters except the bell.
I connected everything back up and it didn't connect,then I unplugged the bell and it connected, so the bell was the trouble.
Thanks for the advice.

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