Broadband Connection

  psilocybin 22:06 20 Apr 06

I have trouble connecting to the internet.

I'm using broadband. Sometimes when I put in my USB cable to my laptop the connection appears to be fine, but no web page loads. However, if I connect through dial up and then put the broadband connection back in, the Web pages loads fine. Does anyone know why this is and how can it be fixed.


  psilocybin 23:02 20 Apr 06

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  wbiggchiefy 23:52 20 Apr 06

Strange - Pls specify what ISP you are using and usual spec of laptop , broadband speed, version of software etc. this will give something to go on

  psilocybin 00:42 21 Apr 06

I'm using Eircom broadband. My laptop is a toshiba satellite. Speed is 100Mpbs. I'm using Windows XP and Internet Explorer.

  SANTOS7 00:45 21 Apr 06

psilocybin, can't answer your question but have to tell ya your user name is "far out man",good luck.....

  psilocybin 04:09 21 Apr 06

Ha, I think you know what it means in more ways than one! ;-)

Santos, eh, anything to the Brazilian side?

  terryf 07:17 21 Apr 06

Don't really understand, is the usb cable from the modem to the laptop, if so how do you control the dialup if the modem isn't connected to a computer? Please clarify

  Ikelos 10:27 21 Apr 06

someone better explain :-) I can not suss out the name, and i have tried..


I can not see the wood for the trees .. :-((

  psilocybin 15:30 21 Apr 06

The modem is IN the laptop as it would be in all laptops! I'm taking the usb cable from a router to connect broadband to my laptop. It doesn't work! But if I dial up, that is take my phone line and connect it to my laptop, I can connect fine. AND, then if I put the USB cable back in (mind you the phone line must go back to the router!) I can connect through broadband, and it works fine.

Strange but true.

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