Broadband connection

  worldtrav 15:07 06 Nov 05

Hi there,

I am not very clever technicwise...therefore I have a stupid quesitons...
my flatmate has a ISDN connection and I am still on a dial up connection however I want to get broadband but it can't be connected to the ISDN one of my flatmate cause it's here work connection.
Sooo, is this possible to have two different connections from just one (the same) telephone line...?????

  PaulB2005 17:24 06 Nov 05

So you have one phone line and it already has ISDN on it. You want to know if you can add ADSL Broadband to it.

I don't think so as the line has been changed to make it ISDN. I don't think you can have ISDN and ADSL on the same line.

  PaulB2005 17:26 06 Nov 05

No you can't. click here

"If you have an ISDN line then you cannot have ADSL on that line. You can change the line to a normal line to get ADSL, or can get another line for ADSL."

  Daveboy 22:41 11 Nov 05

I read it as you have 2 lines, 1 isdn and 1 pstn. The isdn will not support adsl but your pstn will.

  PaulB2005 07:51 12 Nov 05

You don't have 2 lines. It's like ADSL. You have one phone line with a broadband "pipe" and a phone call "pipe" in one line. You can't put a second ADSL connection on the phone "pipe" of an ADSL connection! (i.e. an ADSL runing down the phone call line of an ADSL connection)

Nor can you do that on an ISDN line. The exchange has been set up to provide an ISDN link and a phone line. An ADSL line can't be added to that phone line.

You can run a DUN connection down the phone line because no changes need to be made and it acts like a standard phone call.

The key part of the question is "just one (the same) telephone line". It can't be done no mater how you read it.

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