broadband conextion

  dawntreader 18:34 27 Nov 05

can anyone help?,my friend has winxp,aol,mcafee.
every now and then he is either cut off,or cant make a conextion unless he dials out on his house phone.even aol cant fix the problem,he has had a new modem and fillter,i think it could be mcafee,anyone had same problem?

  GaT7 18:51 27 Nov 05

He could try disabling Mcafee to see if it made a difference. Is it just Mcafee antivirus or Internet security suite? G

  Daveboy 19:14 27 Nov 05

Often indicative of a physical line fault (High resistance fault), if BT- bet line tested.

  Graham ® 19:39 27 Nov 05

I agree with Daveboy, these are the symptoms of a line fault.

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