Broadband checker?

  realist 20:16 23 Sep 07

Is there somewhere I can find out the maximum speed my BT line will support?

I'm with AOL who said they'd switch me to 8Megs but needless to say I'm still only getting 512KBps.


  Technotiger 20:46 23 Sep 07
  brundle 20:47 23 Sep 07

Lots of info here click here

  Dipso 21:06 23 Sep 07

Post your line stats from your modem or router and I can give you an estimate click here

  realist 21:31 23 Sep 07

Thanks Dipso

rx 576kbps
tx 288kbps

Obviously this refers to my existing 512kbps connection though?

  Dipso 21:45 23 Sep 07

Thanks. Can you find out your current downstream attenuation and downstream noise margin.

  realist 21:49 23 Sep 07

My modem (Voyager 105) is using AOL hybrid software and I don't think I can get more info than given above.

  Dipso 21:51 23 Sep 07

Oh well, it was worth a try :)

  realist 21:53 23 Sep 07

Many thanks to Dipso et al.

  realist 15:04 24 Sep 07

You can get an idea of the capacity of your line here click here
...but I don't know how accurate it is.

  Dipso 15:36 24 Sep 07

Most of these guestimators get their info from the BT's availabilty checker. Although they give a rough idea they tend to be conservative, in most cases you should be able to get more than they predict.

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