Broadband advice needed

  oeufbum 20:47 03 Dec 04

Evening All,
The time has finally arrived to upgrade to Broadband. I have been with BT internet (currently BT Yahoo) on dial-up for yonks, and would like to stay with them for nothing else other than to retain my email address. However, the BT Yahoo 512k package (limited to 15 Gb) is £26.99 p.m. compared to say Tesco at £19.97 totally unlimited access! There are obviously also many others that may be more favourable (i.e. cost-effective) than BT.
Any advice, pro's and con's, one's to definitel avouid, etc, would be extremely helpful!
Thanks in advance,

  igk 20:58 03 Dec 04

Alex, Its only my opinion but stick with BT broadband,I have been on it since July and honestly cannot fault it even when I found myself having to move house they transferred it no problem (free of charge) I have seen various complaints regarding Tesco's attempt at broadband on these forums so beware.Hope this helps.

  Technotiger 21:08 03 Dec 04

Hi, I agree wholeheartedly with igk - I have been with btbb for two years now - no probs at all.

  oeufbum 21:14 03 Dec 04

Brilliant response and information therein. You have certainly made up my mind for me. Will sign up with BT tonight - after all, who's arguing over 2 quid a week! (well I supposeI was).
Thanks again - you're both ****** Stars ******

  Technotiger 21:18 03 Dec 04

Our pleasure - that's what we are here for, right igk.

Also have a look at my Post in Speakers Corner -
BTBB do have a heart.

  Technotiger 21:19 03 Dec 04

ps - don't forget your Big Green Tick !! lol

  oeufbum 21:56 03 Dec 04

Ticked it is!
Thanx for all advice.

  Bapou 22:32 03 Dec 04

I'm probably too late with this, hope you haven't signed up.

Being with BTYahoo Anytime myself, I received an invite from BT to transfer to a new service called BTYahoo Anytime Plus! a half speed Broadband due out soon. In the meantime I could go onto BTYahoo Broadband now until May 1st 2005 at no extra cost, £15..99 (Direct Debit. Come May I choose to saty with BTYahoo Broadband or go onto Anytime Plus! same price. I signed up and installed yesterday.

Worth your while making enquiries before jumping straight in now.

  oeufbum 22:46 03 Dec 04

Thanks for your advice. No, I haven't yet signed up for anything. Thought I'd have another quick looksee here, and saw your posting. Sounds very interesting! I'll have a look on the BT web site for more info as this seems to be a win/win deal.
Did they contact you by mail/email/letter or did you find the offer on their site? Any further advice appreciated - I'll defer signing upto anything until early next week.
Thanks again.

  Bapou 22:54 03 Dec 04

You won't see anything on the website. They contacted me with the offer via e-mail last week. I think they may be selecting customers according to usage. Whether that means I've been a good boy and not abused the Anytime 150hrs or using less I don't know.

Won't do no harm to phone them up, 5 months Broadband at £15.99 a month, then be given a choice was a good enough carrot for me.

  moises 23:11 03 Dec 04

Virgin offers a £17.99 package without contract and free set up. The only problem is the lack of information at the begining if you have any problems. They will send you e-mails to their web site and not your default e-mail adress. Also to get tech support for free call 0845 045 777

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