Broadband ADSL Microfilters

  Gary 09:51 13 May 03

I am looking at getting broadband at home. I have three telephone sockets in my house. Two of them have phones connected to them and the other has my current dial up modem connected. I am thinking of getting a self install broadband package. If I do, two of the sockets will still have phones attached to them but the modem on the third socket will be replaced by the ADSL modem. In that case, I know I will need microfilters on the sockets with phones connected - but will I need a microfilter in the socket to which I am going to connect the ADSL modem or can I just plug the modem straight into the socket (like I do with the telephones now)?

  Yoshtar 10:52 13 May 03

I quite sure you'll need a microfilter on EACH socket that you'll be using, be it for ADSL or voice.

I may be wrong but i had all sorts of problems with voice/data sockets so i just whacked a filter on each socket and it all worked faultlessly.

  Yoshtar 10:53 13 May 03

But you can always check out click here for a lot more info on ADSL / Broadband stuff.

  soy 10:55 13 May 03

You will need microfilters in all three sockets.

You will find that the Broadband modem needs an RJ-11 socket which the normal telephone socket doesn't have. You will need to plug the filter in the telephone socket and plug the modem into the RJ-11 port in the filter.

The other reason you can't just plug a modem into a telephone socket (if you do manage to do it without the filter) is that you need the filter to separate the telephone line into a normal telephone channel and adsl channel to be used properly.

Hope you understand what i'm saying.

  matthew-293741 11:04 13 May 03

totally agree with the will need a filter for each socket....there is something else to consider though...if you are going to get the BT Broadband package (which i have) you only recieve two filters in their standard pack, youwill have to purchase an additional filter for the other phone be honest, the only reason you have a filter on your phone point is because you may lose quality on your incoming/outgoing calls....i must admit i didnt notice the difference, but to be on the safe side......iuf you contact bt on there website...i think its btinternet/ .uk or something you can order extra filters!!!

hope this helps!!

  Yoshtar 11:17 13 May 03

Also Solwise sell Microfilters (which is where i got mine from) come highly recommended. click here

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