jaygice 19:40 02 Mar 03

i am thinking of going on broadband can you tell me if the downloads are faster than normal or not thank you

  bremner 19:41 02 Mar 03

There is no comparison, as the advert says 512 is 10 times faster than dial up.

  microswift 19:48 02 Mar 03

On NTL downloads are 14/15kb/sec. on the 128k connection, 70/75kb/sec on the 600k.

  Legolas 19:48 02 Mar 03

As bremmer says broadband 512 is ten times faster than 56 dialup so in theory if it takes you 10 min to download something using 56k dialup it will only take you 1 min on 512 broadband the reality is not always like that but it is muccccch faster and well worth getting.

  jaygice 15:59 03 Mar 03

thanx to everyone who replied i have orded it and its on the way cheers

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