Hi, I have been phone sky about my slow broadband for the past 4 Months and have had 6 engineer visits. I normally get around 1MBPS but for the past 4 Months I have been lucky to get 0.2MBPS. I have a account and my average speed is 0.09MBPS. When I check my router stats page it says my downstream connection is 997 but I only receive around 0.1MBPS. Can someone please help. BT Infinity will be rolled out in my area this March (2012). I can't wait. It will be like a gift, but can anyone help me fix my current issue.

Overview; Router Downstream Connection Speed: 997 Actually Speed Received: 0.1MBPS

Can someone please help??

Thanks in Advance for all help offered. I have triwed everything from a new router to new telephone lines new ADSL filters. I have tried everything.

Please Help, before I go mad in my head.

Can anyone help me???

  northumbria61 20 Jul 11

Have you checked with any of your neighbours to see what speeds they are getting - regardless of ISP ? It could be a problem at the Exchange or work being carried out. Difficult to know what else to suggest especially if 6 engineers can't sort it for you.

I will go to my neighbours and test their speed on Will reply soon.

  northumbria61 20 Jul 11

You could try clearing out all your Internet Cache or resetting your LAN -

Go to Start -Search - Run type cmd then in the command prompt window type ipconfig /release press Enter then type ipconfig /renew press Enter then exit press Enter to close cmd.

All my neighbours get around 1MBPS but I only get 0.1 or 0.2MBPS.

  northumbria61 20 Jul 11

You may have already done these checks but - link text

  Secret-Squirrel 20 Jul 11

Have those speedtests all been done on the same PC? If they were, then providing of course that you've got a router, ask a friend or neighbour to come round with their laptop and see what speeds they get. It's quite possible that it's a PC problem rather than anything wrong with your broadband line or equipment.

When those engineers visited, they probably brought a laptop with them - did they connect to your router and do any speedtests.

I have 3 computers and all have a slow speed of interent. I am not sure if renewing my ip address will help.

All speedtests have been done a niegbours laptop, my 3 pcs, my PS3, iPhone and iPad.

Have done all of te Sky checks on thei website. Am phoneing tem now, will keeps yous updated.


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