biteblue 18:31 20 Aug 06


I am seriously suffering with my internet connections upload speeds. I am currently with Tiscali broadband and have their 2Mb connection. I use bittorrent as well as running a VPN. At the moment i think my upload speeds are around 265Mb in theory although i never get that. Does anyone know where i can get a connection with a faster upload speed? If i get a 8Mb connection am i likely to have a faster upload speed?

Thanks for your time!!!

  FelixTCat 18:54 20 Aug 06


Most of the Max (up to 8 Mbit) services offer up to 512 Kbit upload speed. Whether you will achieve that rate . . . .



  Jonowyke 20:06 20 Aug 06

I too have Tiscali 2Mb, and I'm lucky if I get above 10Kb per sec. I have just tried to download the latest free version of Winamp and gave up after 29 minutes. This has been going on for the last two months, although the speeds were never up to much, i think the fatest was in the region of 190 Mb.

  Jonowyke 20:09 20 Aug 06

Please excuse the mistake. 190 Mb should read 190 Kb.

  Stuartli 21:11 20 Aug 06

Try the latest drivers for your (Sagem?) modem from the Sagem website.

  Dipso 22:04 20 Aug 06

The new up to 8 Meg services offer uploads speeds of up to 448Kbps with residential products.

  biteblue 14:42 21 Aug 06

To Stuartli

I use a modem router and never really used the Sagem modem before that bacause they are so rubbish.


I contacred Tiscali and they said the upload speeds are 30Kbps. I personally think this speed is ridculas and now know why they don't advertise the upload speeds. I'm going to switch to Bulldog as they offer 500Kbps or 1Mbps upload rates.

Thankes everyone for your time!

  DieSse 16:14 21 Aug 06

We're getting the perennial problem of not defining the units correctly again.

*I contacred Tiscali and they said the upload speeds are 30Kbps.(sic)*

I bet they didn't - they would have said 30KBps - ie 30KiloBytes per second - which is approx 256Kbps - ie 256Kilobits per second.

b = bits

B = Bytes (8 bits)

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